Saturday, 31 January 2015

Kat Von D Chrysalis Pallete

I've always been a massive fan of Kat Von D as a person and an artist shes amazing through and through. I've admired her make up line for years and finally I got my hands on some, this palette is called the chrysalis  pallet which is inspired by the ever changing colours of a chrysalis butterfly and can I just say wow the packaging alone is worth paying for.
First of all you get three highlighter shades lifelike, lunar lights and lucid . They are all so beautiful I've been using a combination of life like and lucid blended together as lifelike is a really nice cream shade and lucid is a pretty baby pink with flecks of glitter. You can use these highlight shades literally anywhere and believe me i have they've been my cheek highlight my under brow and inner corner of my eye and they are so high pigmented they last all day. The rest of the colours are completely my vibe at the moment as my hair is currently blue and purple too I am in love with the two darker shades Hybrid moments and Tornay. Hybrid moments is just the most perfect plum perfect for this season and Tornay is a gorgeous navy blue that is so complementary next to a black winged eyeliner.
Black milk is such an interesting colour its great for blending as its a matt light grey colour fantastic for making a smokey eye. As weird as it sounds glasswing is a 22 very handy colour to have around and its great to put in your crease when your after a more subtle look. The possibilities are endless with the hot to cold colours your really could make 100's of different looks.
Kat Von D's make up collection is only available at Sephora which does now ship to the UK.
Emer X

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