Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Planning for three days in London

So this month I'm going to London for three days with my partner and I reaaallly can't wait :)
I have an problem that when I go somewhere for a break or holiday I like to have some pretty new clothes. I also like to have a theme to keep to and plan what I''m going to wear every day and night. Firstly this is so I don't over pack because I'm extremely good at that but also because I like to buy some gorgeous new things while I'm in London.
The first day we'll be traveling nice and early so that we can go to harry potter world so I wanted a nice and chilled and comfy which is the very first outfit. Then for our first night out something simple and pretty as you can see in the second outfit. 
The second day is my birthday so we'll just be shopping and chilling then going out for dinner and probably ending up watching Jurassic World :D
The next day I only need one outfit so I went with something versatile and kinda smart casual as you can see.
As I said I like to go with a theme so that all of those beautiful pieces I'm calling goth 70's boho chic, I hope you can see that theme running through :)
Am I the only one that does this sort of planning or do you guys do it too ?
Emer X

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