Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Boohoo Halloween Outfit

Boohoo glam witch outfit started from the netted dress that is irresistible and I think its a great starting point, I think having the stripey tights really adds the edge to the outfit.

Obviously with a glam outfit like this you gotta accessories aaaand that's where we get a little bit more witchy. The hat and broom are a definite and why not going with a bit of green body paint and red lips.
Boohoo - Dress ¦ Boots ¦ Necklace ¦ Tights ¦ Bag

Claires Accessories - Witches hat ¦ Wig ¦ Nail Varnish ¦ Lipstick ¦Body Paint ¦Body Glitter
Fancy Dress Shop -  Broom

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