Thursday, 4 September 2014

Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation

I have completely fallen in love with Max Factor, first it was their mascara and now its the foundation. I really think I'm turning into a one brand girl as everything I've had of theirs has been utter perfection.
Firstly the colour is a great match, originally I was very worried because I just changed my hair to blue so I wanted to make sure the colour looked right next to my new hair colour.. I wasn't disappointed it looked great.
The coverage is fantastic too especially as its a primer and a concealer and so you can double it up in certain places and it still looks good rather than nasty cakey fondation. 
It has a beautiful matt finished look sometimes I don't have to wear powder with it too its that matt, which I've only really experienced with dream matt mouse. 
The other BIIG seller to me is IT LASTS, I have searched a lifetime for a foundation that actually lasts. The amount of foundations I have brought that say there 24hr wear they just don't. All in all a fab product I am completely converted its a win win situation with this beut :)
Emer x

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